Xbox Series X Packaging Was Revealed

Almost a year after the console unveiling, the retail box which the next-gen Xbox Series X will be sent in has been revealed. Best Buy Canada’s Jon Scarr grabbed a photograph of the cardboard container and tweeted it on the internet.
On the box, the Xbox Series X’s square design and the ventilated cover are displayed off, while also reminding users that it has a 1TB solid-state drive and games can run at 120 FPS onto it at a 4K resolution.

It still has a splash of green on the base of the box, which also contains a couple of paragraphs of text that is fine. The design is reminiscent of the Xbox One X and the first Xbox console retail boxes, which utilized cleaner graphic design to stick out on store shelves once they were published. It seemed almost like the machine itself. As anyone who owned an original Xbox recalls, it was a very boxy layout –the name was fitting.
As noticed previously, the box has been assembled from cutting-edge paper products and features photorealistic images printed on its frame. Compared to preceding boxes that Xbox consoles shipped in, it is also a more subdued design.

In comparison to the first Xbox One retail box from 2014, which was really, very green, the layout is a lot more subtle.
The Xbox Series X and Series S will start on November 10. Have a look at our Xbox Series X preorder manual to find out if what’s inside the box is right for you.

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