Xbox One October Update Lets You Try Out The Xbox Series X UI

Ahead of the console’s launch on November 10, you may give the Xbox Series X/S UI a twist now on your Xbox One.
Included in this plan to unify all its gaming platforms, Microsoft is standardizing the UI across consoles. This, it hopes, will make the transition between devices smooth, permitting you to worry about the games you need to play as opposed to the way you’re supposed to browse the different devices.

The upgrade should be available to you now and comes in at just over 6GB. It changes many visual aspects of this Xbox One UI, for example, introduction of profile-specific topics, fresh colors and colors, animated house display wallpapers, and rounder advantages to names, and more. The update is also supposed to create the whole port somewhat snappier, something Microsoft has been chipping away at with every update since the launch of the Xbox One in 2013.
This will offer you a way to get familiar with the shift before the Xbox Series X/S launch on November 10.

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