Xbox Has Its Own Series X Twitter Hashtag Emoji Today

If you utilize these Xbox-approved hashtags on Twitter, then you are going to find a cute small Series X near it.

Microsoft has selected a String X within the cuter Series S because of its emoji collection, and the picture is now connected to several Twitter hashtags. At a Twitter ribbon , Xbox declared the next hashtags will carry a picture of the Effective rectangular console:

Part of the promotion and hype lead-up to some technician launching, today, is a bespoke Twitter hashtag emoji. And today, before its November 10 launch, Xbox Series X has its very own.
Want us to remember this setting for all your apparatus?

  • #XboxSeriesX
  • #Xbox
  • #SeriesX
  • #PowerYourDreams
  • #PYD
  • #JumpIn

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