Xbox 360 Cloud Saves Will Soon Be Free, So You Can Transfer Them To Series X/S

Microsoft is falling the Xbox Live Gold demand shortly.

“Backward compatibility allows you encounter your cherished gaming abilities and in brand new ways. Your favourite games maintain everything the programmer intended, while undergoing improvements and exciting new capabilities. There is no need to return, as your games are prepared to move ahead with you into the second generation of Xbox.”

Starting soon, individuals that are playing Xbox 360 will have the ability to use cloud conserves at no additional price. Presently, cloud conserves are secured from the Xbox Live Gold paywall, however, Microsoft is eliminating this charge in the lead-up into the next-gen launch. This is supposed to help individuals feel comfortable about updating to the Xbox Series X and consoles.

Included in Microsoft’s announcement regarding backward compatibility support for Xbox Series X, the provider also shared a bit of information about cloud conserves for Xbox 360.
Games bought digitally on previous-generation hardware will automatically appear on Xbox Series X/S should you choose to purchase either system, as you may even add an OG Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One disk into the Xbox Series X and then set up the game to play like that. The Xbox Series S does not have any disk drive.

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