Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week — October 18-14, 2020

Halloween is getting closer, which means it's time for New Releases to get a little spooky. This week, you can run from monsters in Amnesia: Rebirth or face them head-on in the first part of Doom Eternal's The Ancient Gods DLC. You can also take a few runs at rogue-lite The Red Lantern or try the game that started it all with the re-release of Rogue. Finally, Transformers: Battlegrounds rolls out this week, too.

Amnesia: Rebirth — October 20

Available on: PS4, PC

This new spin on the Amnesia games is set in the Algerian desert, where you'll have to run from the series' trademark monsters, solve puzzles, and figure out why the desert residents have disappeared. Rebirth is also more about the theme of survival, according to developer Frictional Games. Expect a mix of wide-open and claustrophobic spaces as you try to survive.

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