To Combat Huge PC File Size, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Including New Uninstall Options

Modern Warfare’s file size is significantly larger than preceding Call of Duty games thanks in part to how the game has”seasons” of fresh content, that introduce new maps and more. Infinity Ward is seeking to find a middle ground between providing players more content to enjoy and maintaining the file size reasonable.

Infinity Ward is rolling out a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that can give PC players the following way to decrease the game’s file size, which will be important given how massive the sport has become.
You will soon be able to re install specific game modes to lower the game’s file size on PC.

Modern Warfare’s PC file size is north of 200 GB, so it is a welcome feature in order to uninstall modes that you currently are not playing with much, but it’s not an perfect situation regardless.

Generation director Paul Haile said on Twitter the October 13 update for Modern Warfare on PC will allow players to uninstall particular modes to free up space. Gamers on PC (and console, too) could uninstall the effort to free up space, and this also goes one step farther.

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