Sony Is Reportedly Strikes Back The PlayStation Store On Internet And Mobile

The change will also eliminate the ability to buy programs, themes and avatars throughout the mobile or internet stores–these things will continue to be available for purchase on the console , however. The changes won’t affect any content already purchased for almost any gadget.

The largest change is that PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games will no longer be able to be bought from mobile or web storefronts. They will only be accessible through the store programs on the PS3 or PS Vita. Especially, the PSP store on the device was stopped back in 2016, meaning PSP players will simply be able to digitally purchase games via a PS3 or PS Vita.
According to the message acquired by Planète Vita, the fluctuations are set to come in effect on October 19 on web, and October 28 via the mobile program.

As we get nearer to the release of Sony’s next generation of consoles, the organization is reportedly updating the PlayStation Store to push the PS3, PS Vita, also PSP a little further from the limelight. According to a report by French site Planète Vita, the PlayStation storefronts on internet and mobile will get rid of a number of product classes, including the older consoles.

The flow shows a message delivered by Sony Interactive Entertainment regarding the upcoming shift, which Planète Vita obtained from a reliable source.

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