Sega Is Thinking About Its Next Mini Console, And Dreamcast Is A Possibility

“For another Mini, we’re thinking about everything that’s been envisioned by everybody,” Okunari explained. “The Game Gear Micro is sold domestically in Japan. As soon as we do another one, I feel as the job scope will be a lot larger as we gaze upon the entire world. We will not have the ability to launch it in this time another year or 2 decades following the Drive Mini. We can not make it quickly.”

The SG-1000 has been Sega’s first home console and has been able of enjoying ROM capsules, while an updated version with removable controls may also play Sega Card games. The Dreamcast was the last significant home console which Sega created and has been home to cult classic games like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Phantasy Star Online.

Within our Sega Genesis Mini inspection , critic Peter Brown commended the plug-and-play system. “While the Mini is not without a few quirks, it is heads and tails over preceding software-emulation-based Genesis offerings which have plagued Sega lovers for several years. If you would like to play Genesis games can’t afford the real thing and also a heap of capsules, the Genesis Mini ought to be on very top of your list”
A Sega Genesis Mini console premiered in September 2019, but also the organization’s hardware library also contains older consoles like the SG-1000, The Master System, the Sega Saturn, and also the Dreamcast. “I believe for another one, we might go with a notion near the Mega Drive Mini. If I must mention some titles, it might be an SG-1000 Mini or even a Dreamcast Mini,” Okunari explained.
Sega also disclosed the Japanese-exclusive Astro City Mini a few months past.

It is thinking. .

Sega ingenious manufacturer Yosuke Okunari talked about the future of this organization’s miniature consoles at a Famitsu interview, as interpreted by Siliconera. Having only introduced the Sport Gear Micro at Japan, a contemporary and bigger reimagining of this classic hand-held in the 1990s, Sega remains undecided on which console to provide the miniature treatment to adjacent.

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