PSN Is Down

“You might have some trouble launching games, applications, or internet features.

According to both the PlayStation Network service status page and DownDetector, PSN is currently experiencing connection problems on PlayStation 4, especially with its own social features and internet gaming. PS4 users are unable to get their party listing, friends list, and can’t play games on the internet. Some are even reporting freezes and crashes.
PlayStation’s official support account on Twitter has acknowledged the matter, which is currently being investigated. We will continue to monitor the situation and upgrade once things are up and running .

Gaming, software, social, and other online features may be inaccessible on PS4 right now.

The problems began to arise after the launch of firmware upgrade 8.00. It is not clear if both are linked, but a few users have been encountering a”cannot load” instant when attempting to open their friends list, along with error code WS-44369-6, after installing the patch.

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