PS4 8.00 Update Finally Adds More Safety For Your PSN Account

After logging into your PSN accounts, you’ll want to deactivate your present 2SV protection prior to being able to reactivate it with the new app-based method. Make sure that you be aware of your own backup codes again and keep them in a secure site.

Sony has released the version 8.00 update for PlayStation 4, introducing improvements to party messages, quick menu choices, remote play, and much more. One of the main changes, but was one that permits you to create your PSN account more secure.

Sony has provided 2-Step Verification (2SV) for PSN accounts for a long time, but it’s stuck to only SMS authentication since its debut. It’s convenient, but in addition an insecure way of supporting the attribute, since it depends on the security of your carrier as well as your smartphone.

The update lets you change from SMS to third party app authentication for 2-step verification.

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