PlayStation 5 Builds Game Assist Right Into Your Interface–For PS Plus Members

The attribute will be an exclusive perk for PlayStation Plus users, and discretionary for programmers.
Since the video explains, a match help video could be tied to any point in a game through the new Task card program. The Action cards allow you to jump to various points in a game immediately, and if you are struggling with a particular objective you’ll be able to trigger the game aid. That will give you hints or show a video of the part you’re fighting with, and Sony boasts that you will not need to wade through YouTube videos or browse guides which could include spoilers.

Conveniently, the video could be revealed in picture-in-picture mode, letting you view the objective as you finish it. The example shown in the video is simply finding a costume bit at Sackboy: A significant Adventure, however, it’s easy to understand how this could be applied to harder, more involved puzzle segments.
Programmers can allow a new PS5 attribute, letting you view contextual help videos without fear of spoilers.

It’s unclear how widespread the feature is going to be, as it is up to developers to execute. The video used Sackboy since the overall example for every one of the new UI features, so as a Sony first-party match it will probably be a showpiece.

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