Nintendo Is Slimming the Purchase Price Of Change Joy-Cons In Japan

It is well worth keeping an eye on Amazon right now in case you’re trying to find a more affordable Joy-Con set, as the past year the firm dismissed them for Prime Day.

Regrettably, it is not clear however whether Nintendo will likewise cut costs in different areas, particularly with the Change selling exceptionally well.
If you are in Japan and looking for a new set of Joy-Con controls for your Nintendo Switch, then you are in luck. VGC is reporting that Nintendo has cut on the customer cost of the miniature controllers over the nation, bringing them down over 16% after more than three and a half a year available.
Beginning November 6, one Joy-Con will charge 3740 yen (approximately $36) plus taxdown from 4480 yen (approximately $43) plus taxation. This price cut has been implemented across all control colours, which is accessible through Nintendo Japan’s online shop in addition to in retailers.

While Joy-Con were slightly more expensive in Japan than in the US (in which a set prices $80), they cost somewhat less.

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