Nier Automata Is Coming To Phantasy Star Online 2 At New Crossover

With Nier: Automata and PSO2 both being released by Square Enix, the cooperation makes sense–although it is yet to be seen how many buffs will pony around $100 for the full set. PSO2 often hosts crossovers along with other matches, including a recent package which additional Persona items and characters.

Add you to the expanding list of matches 2B has cameoed in.
Nier: Automata’s popular figures have made appearances in a number of games outside their own. A list compiled on Reddit counts nine games where 2B has created an appearance, together with the PSO2 package making it an even ten.

As you are able to find a complete package of makeup including outfits, hair, weapons, and accessories for Nier’s androids, each character requires the purchase of a separate $35 pack–though a female model of 9S’s makeup are contained with the A2 pack. You can get Emil’s head as part of this 9S pack, whereas the A2 pack also has a wearable device lifeform head.
Though Nier: Automata is over three decades old at this point, its cast of characters live on in a plethora of crossovers with different games. The latest game to feature 2B, 9S, and A2 (or at least their makeup ) is Phantasy Star Online 2–though it’ll cost you.

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