New Kickstarter Game Reimagines King Arthur As An XCOM-Style Dark Fantasy RPG

In development for over a year, the tactics-RPG founders have surfaced the match on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to bring the studio’s vision to life. You play as Sir Mordred, a recurring antagonist to King Arthur through legend, that returns to life as an undead warrior and in a more disorderly world. With guidance from The Lady of the Lake, Sir Mordred assembles his own Knights of the Round Table to face off against King Arthur once more –who has also taken a more sinister form.
NeocoreGames, the programmers of Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor along with the Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing trilogy, have unveiled their next game on Kickstarter, which focuses on the dark side of King Arthur’s legend. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale reimagines that the Arthurian legend as a turn-based strategy RPG in the vein of other strategy games such as XCOM, while also injecting hardcore components from roguelike games.

Just like with XCOM, you command a squad with varying skills and abilities, and you can move them across the battlefield to interact with enemies via turn-based battle. In the brief gameplay we saw, experienced players of other turn-based approaches games will feel comfortable with how Knight’s Tale is organised. According to the programmers, the proposed game will have a set campaign with 20 story assignments, a range of side-quests, along with other set of varied battlefields and locales to journey through.
Before its introduction on Kickstarter, we had the chance to get an early look at the game, while also speaking with developers Patrik Csornyei and Gergely Vas in their vision for Knight’s Tale. Instead of waging a campaign against invading aliens, you’ll fight against critters, sorcerers, and other corrupted knights that have spread across the land. But just like XCOM, there’s a steep penalty for failure in your campaign.

While the idea of permadeath is not fresh in strategy games, the programmers wanted to tie this closer to a narrative that focuses on rebirth and departure. Throughout your effort, you’ll amass more members of your army and be confronted with some moral choices with individual members. Throughout the presentation, the founders stated that some tough decisions have to be made to continue with the experience to battle King Arthur.

“This match is a twist on the traditional stories that concentrated on chivalry, where everything has turned upside down,” said Vas. “All of our past games have been concentrated on the story, and we want to keep that in Knight’s Tale, but we’ve got a dark and exciting twist with the roguelike elements. Death will always be final in Knight’s Tale, and any party members who die battle is going to probably be gone permanently. You can find diseases and other harms that temporarily remove members from the party, but death will always be final. So with your knights of the round table, you always have to plan ahead before each fight.”
With a proposed launch for Q1 2021, the developers also plan to release a beta to Kickstarter fans, which is set to launch sometime in November. While there’s no word about releasing the game on consoles, the programmers have confirmed that the game will launch early on PC through Steam.

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