New Halo Book Has “Connective Tissues” To Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite doesn't release until 2021, and its story remains largely a mystery, but we may soon learn a little more about the narrative. The new book Halo: Shadows of Reach, which releases on October 20, will provide some "connective tissues" that link to the new game.

Author Troy Denning said in an interview with 343 Industries that the new book will "whet the appetite" for Halo Infinite, and he was keen to join the project from the very beginning.

"When Ed [Schlesinger, Simon & Schuster/Gallery Books] asked me to write the book, the first thing he mentioned was that it would be a Blue Team novel with connective tissues related to the Master Chief's role in Halo Infinite–and I was sold," he said. "I just love the Halo universe and characters, so writing a novel that moves the timeline forward–and helps whet the appetite for Infinite–is definitely something I was interested in."

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