NBA 2K21 PS5 Improvements, DualSense Controller Support Detailed

Other major updates made to NBA 2K21, as much as the PlayStation 5 is worried, center round the DualSense controller. Wang said that the team used the elastic causes to simulate immunity. When avatars become fatigued and tired, the causes will be more difficult to pull. And should you end up on the defensive against a personality that is larger than your own, then you may experience heavy resistance meant to simulate the difference.
Wang said the team reconstructed NBA 2K21’s dribbler to get next-gen hardware from the ground up, especially to make ball handling and movement more predictable and consistent. Characters will also be weightier and more in line with their real-life counterparts. This, coupled with enhanced movement mechanics, should create an experience that”just works.”

The DualSense also affects the feeling of effect in NBA 2K21. In any situation where avatars make contact with other avatars, the controller will vibrate are varying intensities depending upon the strength of the avatars and the severity of the effect. This should provide you a better comprehension of the avatar’s condition, possibly giving you awareness of the fact that you may be overworking characters in unsavory situations.

Pathing was tweaked so defenders feel much more grounded and no longer slide when cutting through the court. Adjustments also have been made to the”twitchiness” of gameplay so that you can more accurately forecast movement and player-size to make sure positions feel as they should.

NBA 2K21 also receives some enhancements because of this PS5’s DualSense controller.

Developer Visual Concepts has released an in-depth breakdown of the way NBA 2K21 will make the most of next-gen hardware, particularly the PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller. Gameplay manager Mike Wang touched a variety of gameplay enhancements made to the match, from ball handling and movement to affect and off-ball contact.

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