Microsoft Flight Simulator Player Adds A Gigantic Xbox Series X To The Planet

Reddit consumer Oh_Gaz submitted a movie of the addition to the match, a colossal Xbox collection X which was correctly rendered and could be discovered at Redmond, Washington, the place of Microsoft’s headquarters. It sure does seem better compared to impossibly tall skyscrapers which have been the result of a typo once the game launched.

Microsoft Flight Simulator does not have a launch date on Xbox games consoles, however, one PC participant has opted to deliver a supersized version of Microsoft’s next-gen hardware to the match.

Microsoft Flight Simulator additionally included several Japanese towns to its own destination lately, in addition to an airport which may be located in the base of a gigantic chasm.

As you won’t have the ability to have a panoramic tour of the Xbox collection X just yet, you may view it being unboxed with a YouTuber who got his hands on the retail version of the console along with also the more compact Xbox collection S in advance of their November 12 launch. GameSpot has also been in a position to research the Xbox collection X version as well as also the real-deal variant, which you’ll be able to view more of our hands free preview.
Not only a huge monolith that vaguely looks like the console, Oh_Gaz went so far as to include a few smaller details like the console’s input interfaces and a luminous green light on top which illuminates the skies at night. As an additional inside joke, Oh_Gaz even employed the demonstration music which was current on the first Xbox console at the movie below.

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