Marvel’s Avengers Player Base Is Dwindling, But Crystal Dynamics Promises New Content

“We have numerous new content bits coming in the weeks ahead such as: a completely new War Zone mission kind named Tachyon Rifts, a fresh Outpost that has a jump off point for new narrative assignments later on, and AIM’s Cloning Laboratory, which demands a coordinated high-level set of four players to overcome with fresh top-end loot rewards for completing it. And in every one of those updates we do tuning and bug fixing to boost the total experience.”
Avengers is trying hard to retain players but more things to do would be coming.
Marvel’s Avengers published in early September, and today, five months later, the match’s playerbase has fallen off somewhat. Steam Charts indicates that, on Steam, the match’s daily summit for the past week’s 2400 players on line (down from a 28,145 all-time summit ), which can be a problem for a ceremony game such as this once gamers have conquered the 10-14 hour effort .
Kotaku mentioned that this matter, caused by the game’s somewhat lackluster endgame, and achieved to developer Crystal Dynamics to inquire what their strategy would be to bolster the match population.

1 component that lots of players are awaiting is Spider-Man coming into the match –but just PlayStation gamers will find the character.
Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t have cross-play, therefore being in a position to keep separate player foundations across different consoles will probably be a challenge moving forward–particularly on Stadia, in which the set up base is a lot smaller.
Amos also mimicked the heroes coming later on, such as two Hawkeyes–Kate Bishop and Clint Barton. They’ll come”in the not too distant future.” “Finally, we’ll continue to add fresh content into the game in the coming weeks as we tackle problems and general game balance, such as loot supply and quality of life attributes everybody is clamoring to boost our daily experience from availability to co-op communication instruments to balancing the market,” Amos assured.

Crystal Dynamics has been proactive with all of the game so much –one spot dealt with over 1000 problems .

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