Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory Demo Available Ahead Of Release Next Month

Your progress won’t last over, however you can see if this blend of the Kingdom Hearts universe with rhythm gameplay is for your liking.
The most recent game in the primary show, Kingdom Hearts 3, came out in early 2019. There is a new mobile game on the way, called Black Road, that was recently postponed.
This isn’t a traditional Kingdom Hearts experience, and plays closer to something such as Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. It is going to feature plenty of Disney songs and characters–the full game will include over 140 songs.
It is possible to test out the rhythm action spin-off from the RPG series today.

This is going to be the first Kingdom Hearts name on Change, but do not expect the rest of the RPG series to follow along –Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has stated that it’s improbable .
Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is a musical spin-off in the primary Kingdom Hearts series, and it’s due for release on November 13 for Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Now, ahead of that date, a demonstration was released for the game–so you may check it out early and see if it is to your preference.

The demo is quite a bit smaller, as you’d expect–it’s four field battle music stages and two co-op stages, for a total of six songs. It is free to download.

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