How To Register To Xbox FanFest Tomorrow

Xbox FanFest will be a digital set of events this year. Here is how you can enroll and get exclusive access.

From that point, you will have the ability to see programs for upcoming activities and you will also receive emails on new FanFest information. We do not anticipate you’ll need to be there the next registration opens up like you did for preordering an Xbox Series X/S system. But it is better to get the registration out of the way!
You might also gain access to Xbox official equipment purchases which will not be available to anyone else. We expect some of these to be purchased items, while others could be through sweepstakes. Either way, you’ll need to be registered so as to understand when the sweepstakes are occurring.
N years ago, Xbox FanFest has given the largest Xbox players an opportunity to celebrate the latest Xbox games and play together in-person, but the continuing outbreak has made that impossible. In order to participate, you will want to register, and we’ll run you through the steps to do so.

The simple registration for Xbox FanFest is free of charge, and lots of the occasions you’ll get access to will also be free. However, Microsoft said there may be a ticket price related to specific occasions, stopping short of estimating what that cost will be.

How To Register For Xbox FanFest
It is eligible to anyone worldwide, though activities and communications are going to only be in English.

Together with the Xbox Series X and Series S just months away, it should result in a very exciting rest of 2020, and that means you won’t want to miss out.

You’ll receive 100 Microsoft Rewards points for completing your registration, and more points are also available for specific activities during the duration of FanFest. Additionally, certain actions are open to everyone, including those who did not enroll, and they’ll have specific bonuses for people who did register. With Mixer being stopped, it’s possible this might be a new way Microsoft provides giveaways for seeing press conferences and other occasions. Cost Of Xbox FanFest

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