Here’s How The Xbox Series X And Enhance Backwards-Compatible Games

Microsoft details how upscaling, added performance, and Auto HDR is going to be implemented to backwards-compatible titles.
The Xbox Series X and Series S will play with all Xbox One names via backward compatibility at launching, along with the listing of Xbox 360 and Xbox titles which are already backward compatible with current-generation consoles. The Series X and Series S launch on November 10.
If you’re looking to just enjoy old games with better performance, backwards compatibility on the Series X/S will enhance upon the 4K upscaling currently present on the Xbox One X. Using what Microsoft calls the Heutchy method, games initially rendered at as low as 360p will benefit from reconstruction and upscaling into 4K (or 1440p in the event of the Series S), ensuring a crisp picture when performed on a modern screen.

Frame rates are enhanced also thanks to the stronger hardware in both consoles, with Microsoft utilizing Fallout 4 for instance. The comparison demonstrates how the open-world RPG struggled to maintain a locked 30FPS on Xbox One, although it easily reaches 60FPS on the Xbox Series S. Microsoft mentions that only compatible games will profit this manner, suggesting that games with no unlocked frame rates will not have the ability to push above previously defined framerate constraints without a patch.

The Xbox Series X and Series S will gain from Microsoft’s commitment to backwards compatibility, bringing matches from all of its console generations to its newest one. They are not, but just simple vents, together with many benefitting from improved resolution, increased frame rates, and additional features such as HDR.

Microsoft has detailed how every one of these features works separately, with examples from across all its generations. Perhaps the most technically exciting is the introduction of HDR, which will be retroactively applied to games employing an AI-assisted tool. This means games as old as Blinx: The Time Sweeper and Fuzion Frenzy can now be appreciated with Auto HDR, with no impact to the game’s functionality or overall artistic direction.

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