Halo MCC Update Adds Foundation For Cross-Gen Play With Series X/S

The new upgrade also introduces a few”stability updates,” while others changes to customization and Halo 3 weapon skin titles have been implemented as well. You can see the full patch notes below.

In terms of file size, the upgrade is 4.9 GB on Xbox One and 2.62 GB for the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Walk for PC. The Steam edition sees the tiniest upgrade dimensions total, at only 50.7 MB.

This is seemingly the first confirmation that Halo: MCC will possess cross-gen support, but it’s not much of a surprise awarded a match such as MCC with six distinct games and various manners and playlists requires a big player base to work well. When there was no cross-gen support, it might seemingly be difficult to locate matches for Series X and S players with the consoles using just released and not having a built-in audience yet.

Model 1.1871.0.0 is available today on Xbox One and PC. The upgrade makes”improvements to cross-generation play ahead of the approaching launch of Xbox Series X and Series S hardware.”

MCC is also getting cross-play support between Xbox One and PC, but this feature isn’t live yet.
The following update for Halo: MCC is outside now, and here would be the complete patch notes.

Halo: MCC October 14 Patch Notes:

Install Size


  • Max size of 4.9 GB

Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Xbox App)

  • Max size of 2.62 GB


  • Max size of 50.7 MB

Resolved Issues



  • Stability updates were made to improve the player experience
  • Made improvements to cross-generation play in advance of the upcoming launch of Xbox Series X and Series S hardware

User Interface (UI)

  • Added focus animation to the root Customization Menu
  • Capitalized Halo 3 weapon skin names to align with the other menu options

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