Ghost Of Tsushima: Here Is After The Co-Op Update Goes Live And How To Play It

Once Update 1.1 has been downloaded, there are two ways to get into the Legends co-op mode. You can either speak with a new in-game character, Gyozen, that is indicated on the map, or simply select”Legends” from the primary menu.
Based on Sucker Punch, the upgrade will begin rolling out at 8 AM PT, October 16. They expect the game to be accessible in most regions, globally, within an hour of the moment. For some regions, this will be quite late: if you’re at the AEST timezone, for example, it is going to arrive at 1 AM on October 17.

Taking either of these activities will load up the PlayStation Store, where you are able to download a free piece of DLC to allow this manner.

Ghost of Tsushima’s enormous free Legends upgrade is right around the corner, and it is going to include four-player co-op into the match. Update 1.1 hits October 16, and developer Sucker Punch has shown exactly when you’re able to check it out, and the best way to access it in-game.

From there, you can team up with friends and choose from the four available courses , so make sure that you coordinate with some friends ahead.

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