Final Fantasy 14’s 5.4 Update Is Releasing In December

Players will have the ability to challenge it in both the regular and extreme issues. There’ll also be a brand new dungeon, Matoya’s Relict, that will be a part of this new principal narrative questline. In addition to this, the patch will present a brand new Unreal trial plus a brand new Explorer mode which allows you venture about dungeons to take screenshots without needing to be concerned about handling enemies.

Square Enix has shown that when Final Fantasy XIV’s second major content upgrade will fall.

Among other items, Patch 5.4 will include new major story quests. Since Square Enix clarifies,”After the grand conclusion of this Shadowbringers narrative in Patch 5.3, gamers will embark on a new experience” from the December update. The patch will also present the next installment from the Eden raid collection, in addition to another chapter at the Sorrow of Werlyt questline.
According to the publisher, the game will load much faster on PS5, and gamers will have the ability to use its own PS4 Guru screen settings when playing with it on Sony’s next-gen system.

Meanwhile, Patch 5.35 will arrive a week, on October 13. This upgrade will bring its own range of new articles into the game, such as the following chapter at the Save the Queen questline along with the brand new Bozjan Southern Front conflict material. You may read more about the upcoming spots on Square Enix’s site .
Other changes coming from Patch 5.4: Violins will soon be added into the assortment of playable tools; the Blue Mage project is going to get a lot of tweaks, such as a heightened level limit; the Triple Triad minigame has become revised game principles and fresh limited-time tournaments; and much more.

The upcoming huge content upgrade for Square Enix’s favorite MMO is arriving from early December and provides new narrative quests, dungeons, and much more.

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