Cyberpunk 2077’s Custom Porsche Is Just As Wonderful As Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is impossibly cool, and it seems like his Cyberpunk 2077 character Johnny Silverhand will probably be equally cool. The same goes for his journey: a retro Porsche 911 Turbo customized to suit Silverhand himself.

The custom car is colored to look like Johnny Silverhand, and it is outfitted with lots of futuristic enhancements.
Shown through the current Night City Wire presentation and according to the 1977 version, which makes the car 100 years old in Cyberpunk 2077’s planet, the 911 Turbo we will see Johnny Silverhand drive has been outfitted with futuristic enhancements like a lidar and electronic mirrors. CD Projekt Red’s artists based the principal body of the car on four photographs, trying to recreate it as correctly as you can.
Johnny’s car features multiple colours to match his backstory and character style, including red due to his Samurai ring and silver for his robotic arm. In fact, it had been a long time before the game itself. His band had already broken up by 2008.

Additionally, there are stickers based on his tattoos in addition to his band. In actual life, the group is actually Swedish punk rock outfit Refused, which also recorded the song”Chippin’ In” which was used to introduce Keanu Reeves in E3 2019. According to GameSpot’s sister website CNET, you’ll have the ability to see the true vehicle recreated in the Porsche Museum until October 22.

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