Bloodborne Modder Waiting To Get Sony Before Releasing 60 FPS Patch

The modder does not wish to get in Sony’s manner if a Game Boost edition of Bloodborne is still incoming.

Lance McDonald, who has been toiling away on a PlayStation 4 Pro version of Bloodborne to get it to run at 60 FPS, released brand new gameplay footage of his own attempts in motion. His pinned YouTube remark says the 60 FPS patch will probably fall”after the PlayStation 5 has released and Sony have made it apparent whether or not Bloodborne is going to be improved on that system at all.” McDonald goes on to say that he wishes to give PlayStation”the very first chance” to release a higher frame rate version of the game.

A modder who is currently working on a 60 FPS spot for Bloodborne has clarified the reason why he’s waiting to release it–and it is not in case Sony does not deliver.
What McDonald is most likely referring to is Sport Boost, a characteristic specific to certain PlayStation 4 matches running on PlayStation 5 that give them enhanced frame rates. Sony has not specified the PS4 names which take advantage of the feature. At the moment, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is the sole supported game to use Game Boost.

On Twitter, McDonald explained his intentions following a Kotaku report, in which the original headline posited he would release the spot if Sony failed to release its 60 FPS version. McDonald stated he ultimately wants to ensure he doesn’t”get in the way of Sony doing significant and awesome work.” He also said that the 60 FPS patch will launch whether or not Bloodborne gets a PS5 enhanced interface.
For McDonald’s 60 FPS patch, he was able to have the game running on back-ported Dark Souls 3 code because both games share the same engine. Along with manual patching for features that didn’t automatically adjust to the higher frame rate (such as cloth physics and also enemy patrol pathing), McDonald managed to crack open the locked 30 FPS cap to achieve a smoother experience for Bloodborne’s hectic gameplay.

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