BioShock Director’s Next Game, A Sci-Fi Immersive Shooter, Can Be In”Later Phases of Generation”

They notice that details still have not been declared, but the match is”in later phases of production” The studio was first formed in 2017, so this original game has probably been in the works for some time now.
This is not a good deal to go on, admittedly, but it sounds like the new game has not radically changed direction since we last heard of it–it’s still a sci-fi immersive sim with FPS and RPG elements.
It’s been some time since we last heard anything from Ghost Story Games, the small team from BioShock’s Ken Levine. One year ago, we learned out of work ad that the game is an immersive sim using FPS and RPG elements. In another job advertisement (now for a senior manufacturer ), we have gotten a bit more insight into the under-wraps project.
The work ad also gives some insight to how their studio functions. “We are known for having real open communication with a level construction,” it states. “You’re welcome to join any meeting, walk around (or Slack) anybody and have your voice heard. Team-based decision making is important to usregardless of your position–each comment counts and matters!”

Ken Levine’s small staff is seeking a senior producer, and the job advertisement has given us some new insights.
The advertisement also suggests that viewing Ken Levine’s 2014 GDC speak to get some insight to what they are attempting to do with the game.

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