Queue Times Estimate As Much As Month-Long Wait To Play Games

Players trying to log in on these days are finding themselves put in extremely long queues, with a single player estimating that he would be waiting for about 1.2 years if the queue’s quote was accurate. This isn’t really true, but it is about 45 days. Blizzard has not addressed that the waits on its own service Twitter page nonetheless .

Blizzard fans seeking to enjoy a match today could be in for a bit of a wait.

In the event that you were expecting to play a match via Blizzard’s service now, you may have a bit of a wait. By”a little,” we mean more than a month.

The Huge wait times are possibly because World of Warcraft and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare both rolled out major updates. In the event of World of Warcraft, it was a pre-patch to get ready for the Shadowlands growth, while Call of Duty allows players on PC to uninstall certain modes in an attempt to decrease the total file size. It’s gotten to the point that some players actually ran out of space in their internal storage and could no longer play the game.

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