Apex Legends Patch Finally Moves Pathfinder’s Shoulder from the Way

Following Apex Legends tweaked the cooldown on Pathfinder’s grapple as part of the Aftermarket Collection event update, players soon found that the character’s shoulder has been getting”stuck” on the display post-grapple, blocking a large section of the participant’s field of view.
Although the issue that made Pathfinder basically unplayable for some players is currently repaired, fans still are not happy with Respawn. Replies to the first tweet chronicle continuing issues with matchmaking triggered by the October update, which some have blamed on the introduction of cross-play between PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin. The devs have also had to disable the Sentinel Sniper Rifle so as to work in an exploit introduced at the most recent patch. Whilst Respawn seem to be hard at work fixing bugs that have arisen from the sweeping new changes introduced at the October patch, lovers will also be unhappy about intentional changes that were made to fan-favorite personality Wraith to attempt to bring her down pick-rate. The change has been implemented to try and balance Wraith’s skills without nerfing any of her Legend skills.

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