Among Us Totaled More Than 4 Billion YouTube Views In September

The wildly popular social sport saw an intense view increase compared to the preceding month.

It is no wonder programmer Innersloth opted to cancel Among Us 2, rather focusing on keeping the community together and adding more content to the base game. A major beta update additional ways for changing voting and additional colorblind accessibility choices.
Players are not just uploading gameplay videos, either. More than 6% of viewpoints associated with Among of Us used the word”animation,” based on YouTube’s statistics. It doesn’t necessarily signify that proportion of videos are animations, however it does suggest individuals are interested in watching”expanded universe” substance for the sport. Smaller founders have seen their stations grow since uploading Among of Us videos, also, including animations.
According to YouTube, Among Us videos have a international appeal, together with just under 19% of viewers situated in the USA. Mexico and South Korea are the next – and third-biggest countries for viewership and Indonesia constitutes over 5% of viewpoints. The game does not have an in-game conversation option yet, but players often use programs like Discord to communicate.

Despite coming out in 2018, Among Us soared in popularity this fall to become Among of the most popular games on earth. It saw particular victory in YouTube videos, with opinion counts increasing dramatically in September to high 4 billion.

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