Among Us Today Has Cheaters, But A Fix Is In The Works

There’s not any reward, decorative or for winning Among Us, making the existence of cheaters and griefers especially odd. Bragging rights possess a kind of subjective value, naturally. However, if you’re cheating, what exactly are they for?

The sport of deception is coping with the very same issues every popular sport runs right into.

Among Us gamers have begun to experience various kinds of cheating when they jump into games. As a result of cheaters, players have experienced their nicknames assessed, their whole crews ejected at the onset of the game, and had matches in which there was an additional impostor. In a game which puts so much emphasis on meta-gaming and hope, this can be a significant matter. The 3 individual studio Innersloth was attempting to attack the issue. It explained how it is expecting to achieve that.
Among Us saw a massive uptick in gamers during the past couple of months following several streamers broadcasted the match. The popularity, exactly like Fall Men before it, attracted a range of cheaters to the internet game. Innersloth did not anticipate any of the achievement in order that they are rushing to receive basic attributes, including accounts, setup. The studio cancelled their intended sequel so as to concentrate on enhancing the present game. The attributes which were planning to arrive at the sequel is going to be implemented into Among Us.
While Innersloth functions to implement such changes, the ideal approach to prevent cheaters is to find a group of friends together and perform them.

“We are hurrying to get an account program set up so we could have better reporting and smoking systems constructed around that,” Among Us developer Forest Willard advised Kotaku. “Additionally getting help with creating the servers better in preventing and discovering hacks. And exploring client-side hack prevention too. I am kind of trying to get all the proper people in place, but I am attacking it in multiple angles so that it could get better in several ways all at one time.”

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